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Lomo Photography Trip to Bulgaria

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

I recently took my trusty Vivitar v3800n and my Lomography Fisheye2 with me to Bulgaria on a 10 day photography trip. Bulgaria was such an amazing place to take photos, with fantastic landscapes, wonderful villages high in the mountains and an amazing contrast of buildings in the cities.

I came back from the trip with about 200 photographs in total, a lot of which were holiday style snaps taken on my Fisheye2. The fisheye camera was great for capturing quick snapshots while exploring the cities and towns of Bulgaria. The Vivitar v3800n is only really a budget analogue SLR camera, but I have to say it was excellent for a short trip abroad. It was just the right size to carry about and the photographs it produced looked great!

Here is a collection of my favorite photographs from the trip! enjoy!

Lomography Fisheye Cat
I saw this cat while I was walking around a small village up in the Bulgarian mountains, I quickly lent down to snap a shot and I love the result I got!

Bulgarian Village
A small village in the Bulgarian mountains – taken on my Vivitar SLR

Bulgarian Village at Night
Rozovo by Night – photograph taken on my Vivitar SLR

Bulgaria Analogue Photograph
Old Town, Plovdiv – Just one of the many great buildings in Plovdiv

Bulgaria Analogue Photograph
The Barn, Rozovo – There are plenty of cattle barns like this dotted about in the small village of Rozovo, but the corner of this one looked particularly interesting… especially through my fisheye viewfinder!

Bulgaria Analogue Photography
The Wonderful Bridges – These amazing rock formations in the Rhodope Mountains were created when an earthquake destroyed a cave.

Bulgaria Night Photography
Houses in Rozovo – Another long exposure night shot taken in the small mountain village of Rozovo.

Analogue Lomo Photography
The Vacha Dam.

Analogue Photograph of Plovdiv Roman Theatre
Part of the Roman Theatre in Old Plovdiv.

Lomo Kitten Photo
Stray kitten on the walls of the Roman Theatre, this was taken on my Lomo Fisheye2 using an out of date film.

Analogue photo of Bulgarian mountains
Bulgarian Mountain View.

Analogue photo of Bulgarian mountains
Up in the mountains for sundown – taken with a wide angle lens fitted onto my Vivitar SLR

Analogue photo of Bulgarian wood stacks
Stacks of firewood – there are plenty of these dotted about in Bulgaria

Analogue Night Photography of Plovdiv
A night photography shot, taken on the way out of Plovdiv

Lomo roman theatre double exposure portrait
A double exposure portrait taken on the seats of the Roman Theatre in Plovdiv

Lomo Bulgarian fence
This is the corner of a garden fence, I love the way the fences and sheds are nailed together with whatever wood they can find.

Lomo double exposure
Double exposure up in the mountains at Melnik Monastery.

Lomo wide angle
Wide angle shot of one of the Melnik Monastery’s garden features.

Rozovo mountain side
Photograph of a typical house in the mountain side village of Rozovo.

Dusk lomo shot
A cart parked up for the night – Lomo style shot taken at dusk using an expired film and a warming filter.