Welcome to Analog Photo Blog!

This photo blog is all about analogue photography and lomography, the aim is to provide readers with a practical online guide for 35mm SLR and compact cameras. Some posts on this blog are simply photo galleries and experiments, while others provide tips, techniques and photography advice.

"Marazion Beach"

The contents of this blog will hopefully be ever growing in size and I hope to cover all areas of analogue photography. The posts are aimed at photographers of all levels of expertise; some are even aimed at people who are simply thinking of buying their first camera.

Here is a list of subjects you can expect to find within this blog:
How do cameras work? – Compact Cameras – Lomo Cameras – SLR Cameras – Vintage Cameras – Fisheye Cameras – Taking care of your camera – Loading and unloading film – The shutter – The Viewfinder – Focus Control – The shutter – Camera Techniques – Colour Film – Film Faults – Film Speed – Photographic Composition – Shooting in different conditions – Photography of the sun and sky – Night Photography – Capturing Movement – Lomography – The Flash – Lighting – Landscapes – Seascapes – Portraits – Long Exposure Photography – Using different lenses – Filters – Double Exposure Photography – Multi Exposure Techniques.